Prime Capital Investment Advisors: If It’s Not In Salesforce, It Didn’t Happen

I’ve been a financial executive for about 25 years now. I started at American Century’s retirement planning services. Soon after I started, JPMorgan Chase purchased it, and I created the divisional accounting department there. I’ve had other roles in different companies in retail, manufacturing and consumer package goods. I came to Prime Capital Investment Advisors in January 2020, shortly after they had taken some private equity money and needed a CFO. So, I came back to financial services after all these years.

We use the XLR8 overlay for Salesforce (from Concenter Services). That’s cheaper for us, but we can still accomplish everything we need to through our CRM. Before I came here, they had used different overlays, including Sycamore, but they had just moved back to XLR8 when I started. We’ve been building off that over the last four years.

That’s been our mantra the whole time we were building this: We want to use systems that can share data back and forth, whether they have an API or our business intelligence team can create one. For example, we’ve had to do that with our Salesforce to push the data we want. Whether we must build it ourselves or use theirs, we want to be able to share that between the systems.

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