Estate Planning Checklist

A raging bull market hides a lot of errors, both forced and unforced, over the course of a year. When a client sees his or her account balances surge higher in their year-end statement, they tend to forgive the bouts of sloppy service or poor communication that otherwise may have irked them enough into moving their business.

Stated differently, inertia is a powerful force when the S&P 500 is up almost 25%. Such returns generally give clients little incentive to hassle with all that paperwork necessary to shift their accounts to the competitors that have been whispering in their ears since last January.

Mike Parry, director of Wealth Planning at Liberty Wealth Advisors, a Prime Capital Investment Advisors Company, says his focus for practice management and business development for 2024 will be on building out his social media presence.

“Using the tools available in FMG, our website provider, I’ll be utilizing the automated marketing opportunities for greater exposure with existing and potential clients,” said Parry.

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