Diversity 101: Investment Industry Learning To Address, Expand Talent Pipeline

Improving diversity in the investment industry has increasingly come to the forefront as efforts, both big and small, help chip away at an iceberg-sized problem.

From scholarships to internship programs to partnering with programs and organizations focused on underrepresented groups, allocators, managers and consultants are becoming creative and evolving their ways to address the lack of diversity in the space, particularly at one of the pivotal stages for prospective and often unknowing future investment professionals: their college years.

Terra McBride has served as the chief marketing officer at wealth management and retirement plan consulting firm Prime Capital Investment Advisors since May 2021, but significant positive feedback related to a women-focused networking happy hour at the annual conference of her prior employer has stuck with her for years.

“Year after year, we kept hearing from the women, ‘Hey, could we just stay at this networking event,’ or ‘Can we make this longer?’ or ‘How do we build on what this is doing?’ You could just tell that there was something about this connection with women in the industry that was just really important, that they weren’t necessarily getting elsewhere,” McBride said.

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